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   Welcome to Avi-Tech

As a total solutions provider for Burn-In, engineering and manufacturing services, Avi-Tech provides a comprehensive suite of services and solutions for our global clientele in the semiconductor, electronics and life sciences industries.

The semiconductor industry produces a broad range of semiconductor products used in electronic devices that we encounter in our everyday lives such as in automotive products and microprocessors used in consumer and industrial electronics. To satisfy consumers' increasing demand for reliable performance, manufacturers are required to dramatically shorten manufacturing cycle times and rely more on testing and Burn-In functions to ensure quality and reliability of their products. Hence, effective testing and Burn-In functions are an important stage in a semiconductor manufacturing process to ensure fail-safe performance. With our proven track record and commitment to quality and customer service, we believe we are well-positioned to be their partner of choice.

We also provide engineering solutions from Box Build, system integration and equipment manufacturing to technical services.